About Us

NexPro Technologies provides technology solutions and services to companies of all shapes and sizes across the World.

We provide strategy to our customers but also the high-level professionals to deliver technology solutions from end to end. We are down-to-earth individuals with the expertise of veterans and the personable approach you would expect from a friend. Because we are a lean organization with low overhead, we deliver more value for less.

Consulting companies, our focus is not on the transaction but on the solutions we build with our customers and the long-term relationships we develop with our consultants.

Our emphasis is on people. Although we are a technology company, we know that it is passionate professionals with knowledge and experience, not tools alone, that really make an impact. Our values are simple. We believe in long-term relationships and building high-performance teams that deliver the greatest technology with topnotch service.

We provide our clients with exceptional value because we are sized just right—large enough to support our robust capabilities and allow us to maintain close, interpersonal relationships with our network of consultants, yet small enough to be flexible in our services and guarantee a high level of personal attention and satisfaction.

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